Maureen Osayi has worked in the fashion design and styling industry for almost 37 years, She has worked all over the world with many fashion houses and has gained a reputation of being one of the top stylists even going onto style an Oscar winner in 2019, Maureen is also a Breast Care Specialist, certified breast prosthesis fitter for women after Breast Surgery, Maureen went onto specialise in Post Breast surgery in London becoming a breast care specialist with one of the UK's Leading post surgery Company's, Nicola Jane where she worked for 6 years as their London Breast Care Specialist working with hospitals and clinics, fitting for post breast surgery bras and prosthesis.
Maureen is very passionate about her work and ensuring women always look their best at all times, this of course always begins with a good bra fitting, once you get the bra right the rest of the attire is easier to get right, Maureen has also won many awards for her Breast care work including winner of the Zenith Global Health Award 2019 for her work in Post Breast surgery after Care. Maureen has appeared in many magazine articles and TV shows over the years for her excellent work and commitment to Breast Care and Styling.
Maureen Osayi

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