Breast Prosthesis Fittings, Yes, there is a right and wrong way to be fitted

July 17, 2022
Breast Prosthesis

When I meet many clients for the first time for an updated Breast Prosthesis fitting in London at the London Fitting Clinics many of them ask me how can I get a breast form to match my existing breast? I have been fitted so many times by so many people and I am still not happy, the clients may tell me “I look as if I have one breast bigger than the other or my new breast form is sitting higher than my real breast, or its a different shape to my real breast, the clients are always quite stressed about it and rightly so.

As a breast care specialist let me try to deal with some of the issues that can happen in the fitting for a new Breast Form.

No 1, is the fitter qualified in fitting a Post surgery prosthesis? 2. are they qualified to fit a Bra and I dont mean qualified where the fitter puts a tape around you and adds four to the number on the tape (retail training) I mean is the fitter qualified to fit for any bra including a Post surgery bra?, will your fitter ask when you had your last menstral cycle? Will your fitter ask if you are menopausal? would your fitter ask if you are on steriods? or ask if you have any lymphoedema? you may be wondering at this stage, why would a fitter ask me all those questions? your fitter should ask those questions if she is to fit you correctly. I do and would not do a fitting with any woman without asking many questions

will your fitter look closely at your remaining breast will your fitter look at it and see what shape it is? will she look at the side to see if you have fuller breast tissue including going towards the side of the breast? your fitter must do this to help her to find the right size and shape of prosthesis for you. Not all breast prosthesis are the same shape just as not all breasts are the same shape.

for 37 years I have been fitting bras for all women, including post breast surgery and breast prosthesis and I am so grateful that there are so many different types and shapes of Breast prosthesis on the market so that I can facilitate my wonderful ladies in a breast match fitting, My ladies deserve to feel like they are complete in their shape and nothing makes me happier than for my ladies to stand in front of the mirror and smile proudly at their shape,, its such a rewarding job to have just to see them smile.

If anyone wants to know why I ask so many questions of my ladies then just ask me and I will tell you while I train you how to fit for the client and not for retail

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