Rated 5 out of 5
September 29, 2023

In August 2022 i had to have a mastectomy of one breast at the spire bushey, my team were amazing providing me with wonderful care and accurate information at all times,

after a few weeks of healing I had to think about getting a breast prosthesis, this was something I was still trying to get my head around but my nures sugested I contact a lady called Maureen Osayi Breast care specialist with The london fitting clinics, as she would be the best person to see me to discuss the breast prosthesis,

I called Maureen and an appointment was made for the next day and I can tell you there is nothing Maureen did not go through with me, her knowledge of materials in bras which i would never have even thought of and her knowledge of the prosthesis sizing and fit blew me away, all i could think of was how lucky I am that my mastectomy journey although traumatic to begin has been filled with amazing professional people tight down to the bra and prosthesis fitting with Maureen Osayi

Riya Quin


Rated 5 out of 5
August 31, 2023

I had the pleasure of meeting Maureen Osayi during the year at The Harrow Fitting Clinic, I had had a post mastectomy a few month earlier and with Covid-19 lockdowns I could not attend the hospital fitting clinics. I found Maureen’s Clinic in Harrow through my Doctor and gave her a call and then booked my appointment. I wasn’t feeling the best on the day of the appointment but decided to attend anyway, I think I was just more nervous of going out more then anything medical, Maureen met me at the door and welcomed me in, she proceeded to explain that she had to do my temperature and showed me the sanitiser which i was delighted to see that such health precautions were being taken, even at a fitting clinic, she wore an apron and mask and surgical gloves which gave me a very reassuring feeling that Maureen was taking my safety very serious indeed. Maureen took great care with me and I suppose I did go on a lot about my surgery and how I was feeling afterwards and she listened to everything I had to say even though our appointment was only 30 minutes and with me rambling on Maureen still managed to fit me correctly, I was so delighted to see how I looked in my new prosthesis and Bra, it gave me such a lift which I really did need.

I saw Maureen again out doing some Christmas shopping and we chatted. I mentioned that I would like to come see her again at her clinic in Harrow after Christmas for more bra advice and would go online to book. Maureen explained to me she was no longer taking bookings through the previous company as she was setting up her own new clinics and I was more than welcome to come see her,

I am delighted I will still be able to see her as she is truly an amazing person and wonderful at what she does. I would highly recommend Any Lady to go see Maureen Osayi, she is absolutely amazing at what she does, and so professional. I will definitely be booking with Maureen again,. Maureen, I want to wish you all the best in your new company and I am so delighted that you are still continuing to do the amazing work you do for us ladies.