Thank you Maureen Osayi for all your wonderful work in Breast care

February 20, 2023
The London Fitting Clinic

In August 2022 i had to have a mastectomy of one breast at the spire bushey, my team were amazing providing me with wonderful care and accurate information at all times,

after a few weeks of healing I had to think about getting a breast prosthesis, this was something I was still trying to get my head around but my nures sugested I contact a lady called Maureen Osayi Breast care specialist with The london fitting clinics, as she would be the best person to see me to discuss the breast prosthesis,

I called Maureen and an appointment was made for the next day and I can tell you there is nothing Maureen did not go through with me, her knowledge of materials in bras which i would never have even thgought of and her knowledge of the prosthesis sizing and fit blew me away, all i could think of was how lucky I am that my mastectomy journey although traumatic to begin has been filled with amazing professional people tight down to the bra and prosthesis fitting with Maureen Osayi

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