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March 13, 2022
Maureen Osayi Breast Care Specialist

One of The London & Harrow Fitting Clinics is located in Harrow and is often referred to as The Harrow Fitting Clinic or The London Fitting Clinic, Some clients are confused when they see The London & Harrow Fitting Clinics hosting fitting clinics at the same address as the Nicola Jane London Fitting Clinic so Let me explain, Breast Care specialist Maureen Osayi worked with the Nicola Jane company as their London Breast care specialist covering all of London and Greater London. The London fitting Clinic is still located at The Harrow Fitting Clinic and is still run by breast care specialist Maureen Osayi and will still be holding fitting clinics for Nicola Jane clients at the harrow fitting clinic and London fitting clinics and at various locations in London and greater London.

Maureen Osayi still covers all of London and Greater London providing full Service for Post Breast Surgery Bra and Prosthesis fitting clinics.

If you would like Maureen to visit one of your Clinics to carry out fittings for your patients or clients please do get in touch by calling 07745524970 or email or why not whataspp The London Fitting Clinics on 07745524970

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