The London Fitting Clinics Breast Care Specialist Maureen Osayi Supports Ukraine Women who had arrived into Ireland as refugees.

March 31, 2022
Ukraine women of Culture dress

Since the Russia invasion of Ukraine many Ukraine women & Children have had to flee their homes in Ukraine and head for borders shared with Europe so as to stay alive, the women fled to Poland, Romania and Moldova and Slovak borders, countries who welcomed the Ukraine women and children with open arms, after the Ukraine women arrived over the borders . Many of the women then left their entry country and headed to Ireland where they are receiving huge support all over the country.

One of the London fitting clinics Breast care specialists Maureen Osayi just happened to be in Ireland visiting family and found herself visiting one of her own Ukraine friends, A Doctor from Ukraine whom she has known for many years that had arrived in Ireland a few weeks prior with her three children, while visiting her friend in the west of Ireland Maureen’s attention was drawn to the vast ness of women who were there and decided to help them with a fitting so as they could go to a store and get the correct size bras that they needed as they had left most of their clothes behind in Ukraine, it may appear to the outside world that why would they need a fitting, well a simple kind gesture proved invaluable to the ladies as the sizing’s are very different in Europe than to Ukraine.

Maureen has since returned to London but has set up a Free Virtual Bra fitting service for all the Ukraine Women who have come to the UK and Ireland as refugees,

If you are aware of a Ukraine lady who has arrived into the UK or Ireland please do give them the link for their Free online virtual bra fitting and Breast Care session with our breast care specialist Maureen Osayi

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