What is a Virtual Bra Fitting

January 3, 2022
Virtual Bra fittings in 2022 at the London and Harrow fitting clinics
Virtual Bra fittings in 2022 at the London and Harrow fitting clinics
Virtual Bra fittings in 2022 at the London and Harrow fitting clinics

Well here we are starting out in 2022 with more unpredictable Covid-19 restrictions being rumoured and people being advised to work from home where possible.

of course the big hype for most of 2020 & 2021 was Zoom Meetings/ Virtual offices with people working remotely from home and clients still needing to talk with staff so everyone could keep up to date with clients and believe it or not Bra fittings through Virtual online Bra fittings were definitely becoming part of the Norm.

One of Our Breast Care Specialists found herself working all through Covid 19 doing Virtual Online Bra and Prosthesis Fittings for ladies who had undergone a Post Mastectomy (removal of a breast or both breasts) this was the first time this service was carried out in the Uk or Ireland for Ladies recovering from breast cancer and it was met with intrigue as to how it could work, well work it did, in fact it was so successful that our breast care specialist Maureen Osayi decided the service should be made widely available to all women, regardless whether they had breast surgery or not and so The London & Harrow Fitting Clinics was Born.

Most women at first were sceptical as to how the Virtual Online Bra fittings could work but once they were on the zoom with the Breast care specialist it soon became apparent that this could be a winner.

the fact that the ladies could remain in the privacy of their own homes and not have to travel to clinics was quite relaxing according to the feedback from all of the clients, Of course an odd time a lady did need to have a face to face fitting and this would be decided by the breast care specialist during the virtual fitting, Mostly if it was their first fitting after surgery.

if you would like to have a Virtual Online Bra fitting then please click this BOKKING LINK and we will see you soon.

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