which breast shape are you? Get to know you’re breast so its easier to find the right fit for you.

September 8, 2023

Breast shapes vary widely between individuals, and it’s important to remember that there is no “one-size-fits-all” categorization. However, here are twelve common descriptions often used to describe breast shapes:

1. Round

2. Teardrop

3. Asymmetrical

4. Bell shape

5. Athletic

6. East West

7. Side set

8. Slender/Pendulous

9. Relaxed

10. Full on top (also known as “fullness at the top”)

11. Full on bottom (also known as “fullness at the bottom”)

12. Conical

It’s worth noting that these are general descriptions, and individual breast shapes can have combinations of these features. Additionally, breast shape may change over time due to factors such as weight fluctuations, pregnancy, or aging.

Teardrop, asymmetrical, bell shape, athletic, easy west, side set, slender/ pendulous, relaxed, full-on top, full on bottom, conical breast shape Sure! When discussing breast shapes, it’s important to note that every person’s breasts are unique, and these descriptions are just general categories. Here’s a more expanded explanation of each breast shape:

1. Round: Round breasts are generally equally full on the top and bottom, giving them a circular appearance. They tend to have a well-defined cleavage.

2. Teardrop: Also known as “natural” or “classic” shape, teardrop breasts are fuller at the bottom and gradually taper towards the top. They have a gentle sloping appearance.

3. Asymmetrical: As the name suggests, this refers to breasts that are dissimilar in size or shape. It’s common for most people to have slight asymmetry, but in some cases, the difference may be more noticeable.

4. Bell Shape: Bell-shaped breasts are narrower at the top and fuller at the bottom. They often have less volume at the top, making them look “emptier” towards the upper pole.

5. Athletic: Typically found in people with a more muscular build, athletic breasts tend to be firmer and have less tissue volume. They often have a more compact shape and a narrower base.

6. East West: This breast shape refers to breasts that point outward, away from the centre of the chest. The nipples are positioned towards the sides rather than facing forward.

7. Side Set: Side-set breasts have a wider space between them, with the nipples sitting towards the outer sides of the chest.

8. Slender/Pendulous: Slender or pendulous breasts have less volume overall and tend to hang down more. They might have a longer and narrower appearance.

9. Relaxed: This term is often used to describe breasts that have lost some firmness and sag slightly due to age or after significant weight loss.

10. Full on Top: With higher fullness towards the top of the breast, they might have more volume in the upper pole resulting in a rounder appearance.

11. Full on Bottom: The opposite of full-on-top, full-on-bottom breasts have higher fullness towards the lower part and may appear more pear-shaped.

12. Conical: Conical breasts have a cone-like shape, with a pointed and rounded appearance. They typically have a smaller base, and the nipples may point slightly outward.

Remember, these are general descriptions, and many people may have a combination of different breast characteristics. It’s essential to embrace and love your own unique breast shape as they come in a wide variety and are all beautiful in their own way.

Also i may add that in the case of post mastectomy ladies, even after a single mastectomy you still need to be aware of your existing breast shape to get the right prosthesis after surgery.

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